The Third Side of the Coin

Every coin has two sides.
Every truth has three. 

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They came for Ernesto Torres at the height of the storm.

So begins THE THIRD SIDE OF THE COIN, a 95,000-word contemporary fantasy novel about the struggles to realize our dreams and the bitter truths life hands us along the way. 

Friends, loves, daughter — Isabel has outlived them all. Life has become grim, but she finds purpose in a parallel world hidden beneath the subconsciousness, where memory and dream flip like two sides of a coin. Only the freest minds awaken to the surreal and wondrous Cardinal Realms. There, Isabel leads the just society she always wanted.

The coup d’état changes everything.


THE THIRD SIDE OF THE COIN is complete and the first of a trilogy, set simultaneously in our world and a parallel world.

  • Book 1: The Third Side of the Coin, 95,000 words. Complete.
  • Book 2: Boundless, 100,000 words. Complete.
  • Book 3: (Untitled), 120,000 words. Draft complete, under revision.

The primary target audience is adult, but the content is suitable for younger readers. The full manuscript, cover letter (query), and synopsis are available upon request.

Hours © Daniel Walsh 2020
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