Every coin has two sides.
Every truth has three. 

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They came for Ernesto Torres at the height of the storm.

So begins THE BOUNDLESS, a 94,000-word adult contemporary fantasy novel set both in our world and a surrealistic parallel world hidden beneath the depths of consciousness, reachable by only the freest minds. Here, memory and dream flip like two sides of a coin, and utopia seems within reach.

The coup d’état changes everything.

THE BOUNDLESS IS a story about the struggles to realize our dreams, the sacrifices required to attain them, and the bitter truths life hands us along the way. 


The diverse cast features characters from around the world, including four point-of-view characters:

  • Isabel, a Brazilian widow and leader of a political alliance in the Cardinal Realms, the lead protagonist.
  • Ana, Isabel’s protégé and trusted aide, a talented muralist with a secret.
  • Caravaggia, an Italian sculptor desperate to escape poverty in her hometown of Naples, Italy.
  • Aaron, an American journalist investigating a string of strange deaths that threaten him and his beloved Tyesha.

THE BOUNDLESS is complete, and I’m pitching it to agents. It’s the first of a trilogy. As of December 2020, the status of each book is:

  • Book 1: The Boundless, 95,000 words. Complete, querying agents.
  • Book 2: House of Bark and Leaves, 99,000 words. Draft complete, under revision. (The title may change.)
  • Book 3: The Third Side of the Coin, 120,000 words. Draft complete, due for revision.

The primary target audience is adult, but the content is suitable for younger readers. The full manuscript and a synopsis are available upon request.

A note

This story features characters and influences from around our world. All real world chapters but one occur in places where I have spent significant time, including my wife’s hometown in Brazil and places where I lived and worked in Italy and the United States.

My beta readers include people from four continents, including a winner of the World Fantasy and Bram Stoker awards, and I’ll broaden that as needed to ensure the final published product accurately depicts and respectfully reflects each culture touched upon in this book. This story is not about any particular human culture, however.

Rather, it’s the product of what happens when cultures mix. It’s inspired by my experiences living in multiple countries, marrying an expatriate, raising two multinational kids, and growing up in a diverse environment full of immigrants, including my own family and the families of all my oldest close friends. It’s the sort of life that reveals human universalities and differences worth embracing.

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Hours © Daniel Walsh 2020
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