The Third Side of the Coin

Every coin has two sides.
Every truth has three. 

Aaron can’t tell dream from reality anymore. No, not the suicide scare. That’s memory. But the fire, the riot, the two men hunting him by day and dream — They seem real. The young journalist has uncovered a string of deaths with unnerving parallels to his life. His harrowing dreams show he’s either going insane or the next target.

Isabel knows the truth: A parallel world hidden beneath the subconscious, where memory and dream flip like two sides of a coin. Only the freest minds awaken to this surreal utopia. There, Isabel leads the just, pacifist society she always wanted.

The coup d’état changes everything.

  • Book 1: THE THIRD SIDE OF THE COIN, 95,000 words. Complete.
  • Book 2: BOUNDLESS, 100,000 words. Complete.
  • Book 3: (Untitled), 120,000 words. Draft complete, under revision.

The primary target audience is adult, but the content is equally suitable for younger readers.

To read excerpts, click here.